Hello and welcome to my kitchen table, where learning, laughter and love happens!


Hi, come sit awhile! I’m Lynda, also known as mama, Yaya, or Ms B. Ive collected these titles (and a few others) along my life’s path. So grab a cup of something cozy (coffee, tea, Pepsi for me!) as I share a bit about myself and kitchen table learners.

I grew up in a family of girls, the middle child, know for my gift of gab and endless questions. I loved learning! Reading took me to a whole new world and writing allowed me to get ALL my words out. I spent many hours alone in the library answering my countless questions but struggled often in school, it wasn’t learning, I got that, it was the expectations that each of us should and would learn the same things, in the same ways or, WE FAIL!

So, yep, I pretty much dreaded school…..and then Miss Clara came into my life, my tutor. At her kitchen table I found unique and wonderful ways to explore and share learning.  She taught me that we learned in our own way and time…simple right! Learning around Miss Clara’s kitchen table helped me to understand how I leaned best, and built my confidence to become the lifelong learner I am today.

Learning & Living

So, here I am, a 50 something mom of three adults and raising a six year old (yes he’s 6 !!), a Yaya (I’m grandma to three, yes 3 amazing grand kids) and Ms B, an education specialist and advocate with over 2o years of teaching students with unique learning needs.

I love teaching, even tho it certainly wasn’t my 1st choice as a career. I hated school, right?! But life has twist and turns, I found myself after running my businesses ( I had two!) and raising kids, with an opportunity to bring my love of learning into the classroom where I could teach students differently, based on there needs and at their own pace.

Sharing my passion

As a mom, Yaya, educator, writer, creative nerd and I think what I have to share matters. Kitchen Table Learners is a place that I can share my educational advice (what mom doesn’t need a teacher mom in their corner? Right,) share advocacy for those learners that were like myself….late bloomers, provide tips, share DIYs and become apart of a community that share the value of learning, creativity and fun.

My passion is helping people grow and develop into who they are meant to be, cliche?! Sappy yes, but I’m  a sappy nerd that believes sharing, acceptance and kindness works. So, here I go On this new adventure of blogging and sharing around my kitchen table ( literally!) I hope you will visit often.



California State University, Long Beach Beach :B.S., Educational Specialist credential,Multiple Subjects Credential (elementary), Masters of Education.